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Indra is Oshri Krispin (20), from Beer-Sheva, Israel. Oshri K started to develop Indra in early 2000. In spite his age, Indra has a sharp & brilliant production followed by amazing ideas, melodies, fx, atmospheres & more variety of frequencies. Indra music is influenced by GMS, Eskimo, Infected Mushroom… Oshri is very a dynamic brain & creative spirit.

Oshri K aka Indra, already collaborated with : Matan aka Gataka/Sesto Sento to a remix for Analog Pussy, Sound of Soul, Safi Connection, Guy peled aka Beat Hackers/Trauma, Future Prophecy, Indra (Remixed by Indra) , Aquatiqa (nadav), also working on full length album with HollyMan from Sigma rec, Japan. Indra already have releases on various labels such as: Spliff Music , Sigma rec , DemonTea rec , USTA rec , Enigmatic Sound rec , Shiva link rec , Tribadelic rec & more to come .